Woman confronts stranger who let himself into her house and fell asleep on sofa


A woman woke up to find a drunk man asleep on the sofa in her conservatory – so filmed the interaction as she confronted the stranger.

Tasha Morton said she was woken up by her mother who was alarmed by the site of a dishevelled man on her comfy settee.

The man, complete with shaggy hair and an unkempt beard, was fast asleep with tobacco, a phone, and clothes, splayed all around him.

Tasha then woke him up and asked him if he knew he was asleep in someone else’s house, to which he said “no” before waking up with a shock and making a swift exit.

Tasha filmed the interaction and uploaded the footage to her TikTok account, for her first ever video on the social media platform.

In the video, which has been viewed 666,000 times and received nearly 90,000 likes, Tasha said: “So my mum woke my up at 6am shouting that there was a man asleep in the conservatory and I went to have a look.”

The footage then shows the conservatory with plants, plush furniture, nice curtains – and a drunken man asleep on the sofa.

She then wakes him up, and says: “Excuse me, do you know you’re in someone’s house.”

To which he replies: “No.”

Tasha: “Yeah your in our house.”

Man: “Oh sorry.”

Tasha: “Were you drunk last night?”

Man: “I was a little bit yeah, I was just trying to find my house.”

Tasha: “Where abouts do you live.”

Man: “Up in Hadfield.”

Tasha: “Yeah this isn’t Hadfield”

Man: “Oh gosh, where abouts am I? Yeah sorry about that, apologies.”

Tasha then reviewed CCTV footage from her house, and saw that the man had tried her car door before letting himself into the conservatory.

The post received over a thousand comments, with most people shocked by the man.

One user said: “At least he was polite.”

Another said: “Why is this a common occurrence in the UK? This happened to my mum a few years ago.”

And one added: “I’d be petrified.”