Woman shares incredible bargain hack for making Tango Ice Blasts at home


Picture the scene: You’re sitting down to watch a brand new blockbuster you’ve been excited to see for ages, while the lights are dimmed and you’re sipping on the delicious, fizzy-yet-tanginess of a Tango Ice Blast.

Except, you haven’t just paid a tenner to get into the cinema and you’re not surrounded by strangers slurping and crunching and ‘whispering’ at a volume that is louder than your outdoor voice.

Nope, you’re in the comfort of your own home, on the comfort of your own couch and there isn’t a noisy eater in sight. Well, that part depends on who you live with, obviously.

But, before you go thinking you’re going to have hop on Deliveroo to achieve the home cinema dream, one TikTok user has shared their very own hack for creating a Tango Ice Blast at home. This is life-changing.

TikToker Maddy Kate revealed that she started with 300ml of Tango, two ice lollies and a handful of ice, which she simply threw into a blender and mixed it all up, along with some blue food colouring for full authentic effect.

However, she noted that the recipe initially came out too liquid-y, so in the second homemade Ice Blast, she used just 200ml of Tango, along with six ice lollies and two handfuls of ice and red food colouring to create the perfect imitation.

Meanwhile, another TikTok user commented with their own interpretation of the icy drink, using the blue Tango ice lollies blended with lemonade. Yum, either way they sound delicious and a great alternative if you don’t want to fork out for the real deal.

Maddy first shared the idea on a video she made suggesting a number of cheap date night ideas for less than a fiver.